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School sponsorship program

The school sponsorship program inaugurated in September 2008 currently offers the chance to a hundred children of primary age in the region of Roche-à-Bateau to have access to education, a hot meal per day and healthcare. basic health.

As everywhere in the country, the population of Roche-à-Bateau is left to its own devices and can only count on hypothetical resources to face the ever-growing problems that are facing them. Unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, immense challenges which constitute the daily lot of this community which must also deal with the vagaries of nature.





Today, despite the existence of a variety of contraceptive methods, in Roche-à-Bateau, most residents remain insensitive or resistant to the weak birth control strategies established by public authorities and NGOs. Large families are still common in the Haitian countryside and even in increasingly impoverished urban areas. Community action remains the only way out for these hard-pressed populations who have gradually lost control over various aspects of their lives.




The sponsorship program, the second action after the annual festival, in addition to giving the children of the region a chance, also intends to restore the bridges between people, divided in recent decades by political quarrels. From the first year, consensus was reached around the sponsorship program which won the bet of bringing together everyone (educators, churches, peasant groups, parents ...) around the same idea, that of an action concerted effort to gradually tackle the problems that plague the population.

CORABEL is the pilot organization of this movement whose ultimate objective will be to train seasoned, committed citizens whose faith is restored towards their country. 

Also, by sponsoring a child, you are contributing to this dream of a better Haiti. 

Kick-off 2008

Habits die hard

Habits die hard




For as little as $ 20 / month


  - School fees

  -  Books

  - Uniforms

  - A warm meal


How to support us

Every penny you spend on a child can make a huge difference. And with only Can $ 20. per month, you can pay her school fees, her basic supplies, her uniform, one hot meal per day, and basic medical expenses.

Sponsor now


Our beginnings

In September 2008, the Roche-à-Batelaise Coalition for Local Expansion (CORABEL) launched its school sponsorship program.

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Where are we?

130 children from the three communal sections of Roche-à-Bateau (South - Haiti) benefit from the generosity of fifty or so godparents who are committed with us to these needy children.

A first cohort has completed the fundamental cycle and we continue to support them if they remain in the region.


Our goals

Our goals for the coming school year are to double the number of children benefiting from the program as well as the number of mentors who support them.

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