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Roche-à-Bateau is a commune in Haiti located on the south coast of the country in the Department of the South and the District of Coteaux

18 394 inhabitants

(Estimate  from 2015)

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1st section

This communal section brings together about sixty small towns. The inhabitants live mainly from agriculture. The main crops are citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruits), peanuts, mangoes and rice.

This communal section also houses the Roche-à-Bateau communal park, a cave that can be fitted out for tourist visits and the mythical Table aux Diables (table-shaped rock in the middle of Rosier harbor. An urban legend suggests that 'there  performs nocturnal ceremonies)



3rd section

It is the highest altitude municipal section of the Roche-à-Bateau region. Konbit culture is very present in this section. The inhabitants are proud to have the best rara in the town if not on the south coast. It is a matter of generations.

This corner has peaks comparable to that of Macaya but less deforested. Despite the moderate temperature, the proximity to the Mulet River makes it easy to cultivate rice.



2nd section

The people of Renaudin are renowned for their skill in training horses and for being very skillful riders who treat their horses with great love and respect.

The temperate climate of Renaudin allows its inhabitants to indulge in the cultivation of different species of vegetables and condiments (basket liana, tomatoes, carrots, beets, leeks, etc.)


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